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When the requirements are for an All-Terrain Forklift on any construction site or farm application then look no further than All-Terrain Forklift Hire & Sales’ famous Italian Dieci

At All-Terrain Forklift we appreciate the fact there is a big difference between rough terrain forklifts and conventional forklifts. Rough terrain forklifts are built to undertake hard terrains and bear difficult conditions.

All Terrain Forklift’s Dieci models come in 2WD and 4WD variants suitable for lifting 2.5 tonnes up to an amazing 21 tonnes. The 4WD variant is the all-rounder that can accomplish all kinds of difficult tasks on rough terrain. When handling loads, these rough terrain forklifts remain highly balanced.

Furthermore, these rough terrain forklifts double as workhorses in the bush here in Australia. They drive neatly on soils and they are extremely strong and lasting. In the location where no conventional forklift could operate, a rough terrain forklift with its high ground clearances can effortlessly carry out the task at hand on the work site, on the farm or any cross-country terrain.

Rough Terrain Forklift Applications

Rough terrain forklifts are used at industrial sites where uneven surfaces can exist.

At building sites, they are used to offload bricks on all kinds of rough terrain whether dry or wet.

They are used for fencing applications.

They are used in any agri application where surfaces rise and fall.

In short, a rough terrain forklift can move on any surface wherein an ordinary conventional forklift cannot move.


When the requirements are for an All-Terrain Forklift on any construction site or farm application, look no further than All Terrain Forklift Hire & Sales famous Italian Dieci
About All-Terrains

We offer a fine selection of units all synonymous with quality and performance making them absolutely suitable for lifting in any off-road location where “the goings can get tough.” You can also explore our Dieci range designed and made in Italy.

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All-Terrain Forklift’s service to your commercial or agricultural operation enables you to experience benefits when you make the decision to hire an all-terrain forklift from our Townsville All-Terrain Forklift range.


At All Terrain Forklift Hire & Sales we invite you to examine the new and exciting Dieci range of models from 2.5 tonne up-wards for any commercial/agricultural application.

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There’s a Dieci all-terrain forklift suitable for any Northern Australian application and all models are available right here in Townsville from All-Terrain Forklift Hire & Sales

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Take a look at the world’s best range of Linde and Baoli forklifts by visiting our associated company at Forklift It. The intrinsic quality, productivity, safety and efficiency of these brands are matched by the quality of the service we provide.


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